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How much is too much: When to cut them off

It is fact that people sometimes do get carried away when they are drunk. Ok being carried away is understatement sometimes people act like buffoons when they are drunk. Of course none of us wishes to admit this fault since technically drunk people jump to the defense when someone points out their misgivings especially in that state of mind. With that said the bartender is suppose to be the most sober guy in a bar or any club for obvious reasons. After all, the cocktails need to be mixed to perfection if indeed the party goers will enjoy the party mood. But the more reason that the bartender should be focused is because of the customers he/she is serving.

Some of these customers do not even know when it is too much unless someone makes it obvious to them. As matter of ethics a bartender is obliged to cut off the drink of someone who seems too much intoxicated. Although the bar tender might also be compelled by the law to stop serving drinks to clients who are drunk if they should end up harming third parties in and out of the premises. So how can the bar tender tell when a customer is drunk? For one, it might be difficult to estimate intoxication through the number of drinks a customer takes. People tend to get intoxicated differently; there are those that are regulars who are used to gurgling down a number of drinks while others get drunk only after one cocktail.

The best solution is to make the cut off through observing the behavior instead of the quantity of drinks consumed. Obviously the characteristics of a drunken person can be detected with much ease since they are visibly irritating if not comical. But if it is a consolation the symptoms are glassy eyes, slurred speech and most definitely loss of control. With that said the bartender should be very keen on ensuring that the customers do not overpower themselves with too much booze. Firstly, the bartender needs to anticipate any eventualities especially from customers who have gone overboard before.

When the bartender realizes that an individual is too drunk they should deny them more drinks. But if they insist for a drink the bartender needs to pretend they are busy and out of their intoxication they will find someone to talk to among the crowd. It is also important to let them known that they have had far too much and they can injure themselves or other people at the bar or elsewhere. But it is important to mind your language do not make it so obvious or even shout at them. The bartender should slide over a glass of water or soda and politely request them to take that instead of more alcohol.

There are other bartenders who are generous enough to even pay for a cab home for one of their regulars if they seem to have taken too much to drink. The bartender needs to stand their grounds since some might get the message through the glass of water while other might be too stubborn. But the bottom line is that the bartender should cut off drunken individuals once they discover that they are too drunk. It is not such an easy task but at the end of the day they are doing the country a very big favor when they cut off people who have drunk too much.

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Four Classic Drinks every Bartender should know

There are a number of drinks that would seem great in a cocktail party held in a bar or elsewhere. The idea in such a gathering is always left for people to let their guard down and enjoy themselves silly. With the right drinks the bartender can add to the fun especially when he comes up with the right cocktails. One of the greatest challenges is finding the right mix of drinks considering that there are so many options to choose from and it is such a daunting task when it comes to choosing the most appropriate drinks to serve. However there are the four basic drinks that shouldn’t miss at a party and they include whiskey, gin, rum and vodka. They have earned a place in the classic drinks hall of fame.


When these four basic drinks are well represented in the house the party is most definitely going to be interesting. In fact the four classic drinks form the basis of any cocktail and actually add the right tastes to the drinks after care3fully planned combinations. The drinks will require some mixers that are common choices for the liquor such as the cranberry juice, orange juice, cola and lemon-lime soda and fruit juices. Although it depends with the kind of budget the bartender or the host is working with, the drinks shouldn’t be necessarily expensive. But if they are suppose to be served at a high end club then it is important to put the tastes of the clients in mind while purchasing the drinks. The cocktails can be worked best through each of the mixer that really suits them search as rum typically goes with cola in a 3:1 ratio for cola and rum respectively. And indeed there are a number of methods to serve rum such as chilled on ice or even fruit juice.

The other drink that has a myriad of options is whiskey with endless possibilities. The whiskey drink can be mixed with the lemon-lime soda with seven [parts of the whiskey to about 3 parts of the lime soda. In other instances it can be mixed with a cola as in the same case as the rum drink or served chilled on ice. The whiskey sour is also among conspicuous drinks among the cocktails lovers and it can be mixed in a variety of ways, however, it is usually mixed with lemon juice.

The vodka cocktails have a number of names such as the Kamikaze, screwdriver or the cranberry and vodka mix. The screw driver is mixed in a ratio of 3:1 with 3 parts for the orange juice and one part f the vodka. The same ratio can be used while mixing a cocktail for vodka and cranberry juice which will replace the orange juice; this kind of drink is also known as Cape Cod. The exotic drinks are well expressed in the kamikaze which contains vodka mixed with sour mix, and triple Sec in one shots for the two ingredients. Gin is mixed with a tonic and water and served in ice. And gin wouldn’t be so bad if it is mixed with orange juice because of its dry flavour.

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Three under the radar drinks every bar tender should know

When it comes to taste and preferences on the basis of cocktails rating, it will all depend on how an individual views and prefers his cocktails. But then, again, there are the overrated cocktail mixes and the under the radar cocktails that not so much of their characteristic is talked about in the open. Obviously most bar tenders are aware of the classic and more conventional types of cocktails on the tips of their fingers because of the usualness of mixing them. Plus every mixologist seems to have access to these types of cocktails.


Even though the rating on this article is open for discussion it is a daunting task coming up with an accurate representation of the number of cocktails that are considered as under the radar cocktails. One of the under the radar drink is the Negroni which is measure in the right amounts and precisely stirred can actually offer a great cocktail. This type of drinks is characterized by the sweetness exhibited by the campari, alongside the gin and the sweet vermouth, although there is the option of bitter vermouth especially for drinkers who lack a sweet tooth. Each of the ingredients is great I n making the drink seem like an all rounder with the texture being exponentially expressed. When it is bitter it takes its character from both the bitter vermouth and the campari and a little bit of acidity on the edge. This type of drink is not very common and it is underrated alongside drinks such as Americano.

The other type of under the radar drink is the gin and tonic and at times the tasters and drinkers do take it for granted. This is a common drink that seems too common to be appreciated by a number of the cocktails lovers. This cocktail lacks a following because of the contents and people do not appreciate the elements of the gin. They tend to make the cocktail without taking much consideration of the gin’s strength and in the end some end up missing the point in the ratio of gin to tonic. There are a number of ways that the drink can be served with chilled ice and giving the simplicity prominence in a nice glass and straw. In some countries it is served with lemon instead of lime inside a wine glass.

The other under the radar drink that deserves some attention on the bartenders’ workplace is the Negroni over ice in a double old fashioned glass. This type of drink is bitter and with the right skills there has been creation of a drink that has somewhat perfect elements in it. In fact when it is served in the old fashioned glass in ice it tends to add on to the taste after every sip. When there is use of plural cubes there is better dilution that gives the drink a better taste after a great combination of campari gin and vermouth. There are other drinks that can be defined as under the radar due to the lack of prominence when the other big are receiving much attention. And indeed in some place these cocktails are actually popular; it’s only that some regions prefer other type of cocktails.