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Valkors Gold Making Guide Review

The front cover of Valkor’s Gold-Making Guide says it all with a warrior sitting inside a vault on a mountain of gold coins. Coming in at a hefty 145 pages of information, the guide at first makes a reader wonder if they got their money’s worth. The text and layout is very amateur level in appearance. But looks are deceiving. The real value of the guide is the information it contains.

Valkor’s Guide is organized in sections starting auctions, then going through professions, merchant locations, quick instance runs, gold-making spots, back to auctions with regards to different markets, and low-level gold making tips for starters.

Once you have digested all of this information, Valkor moves on to higher level material that you find only in the Outland areas with the Burning Crusade Expansion. This covers element loot and build-ups (motes and primals etc.), reputation items, rares, and Outland grind spots or locations.

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The beauty of this guide is its organization. It is put together in a much more user-friendly approach, and laid out so that as a reference material you can find what you are looking for faster than other guides. In addition, all highlighted or color-coded terms link back to related references on Thottbot.com.

Once you get into the depths of each chapter as a reader, you realize Valkor has written the guide to give you the maximum benefit of how to make gold. The author doesn’t get lost in the descriptive details.

Valkors Gold Making Guide Review

Instead, Valkor approaches the material with a goal to give the reader the specific information necessary to reach huge amounts of gold, and if you want more background information, he links you electronically to sources for further reading. So the manual is really designed to function best as an electronic book supported by an internet connection for further reference.

Valkor also links you to various modification and add-on third party software that enhances the WoW experience, depending on your character choice and profession.

Another big benefit of Valkor’s manual is that he points out where to go to find specific elements you need for skills or abilities to produce valuable items. With extensive detail down to which vendor to find the item on, Valkor lists out tables for various patterns and recipes, including the relative price the item is probably going for, which helps immensely with planning and travel around the game.

The author also commits to free updates once you have purchased the guide, which is not always offered with competitive products. Finally, what the author gives up in a polished layout, he makes up for with various maps pointing out exactly where to find various gold-grinding resources and targets.

This is a huge aid because many of us players just want to get the location and get to business. With possibly limited time during the day to get online and play WoW, having a map and the basic direction is more than enough for the player in a hurry and limited time to read.

So is Valkor’s guide worth buying?

I would absolutely recommend this guide to anyone who wants to make lots of gold in WoW.

It’s designed in a useful and practical way, it’s easily referenced, and it works best utilizing internet resources that you can tab to, and then get back in the game quickly. This is a guide you simply can’t do without.

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Warcraft Wealth Gold Guide Review

Wayne Williams’ book, Warcraft Wealth Guide, sets itself apart from other guides with the tone it takes via Williams’ writing. It gets down the nitty-gritty of what you need to know but there is an emphasis on making sure you learn the method of gold-making discussed thoroughly.

The book starts off with a basic overview of the various character classes, covering Druid to Paladin. Then Williams goes into a little discussion regarding different play styles. These styles and approaches are most appropriate after a player has reached level 70, which the author agrees with as well, since most players are only focused on leveling until then.

Warcraft Wealth Gold

Then you get into the meat and heart of the guide itself. Williams starts off well with good descriptions and visuals of various third party add-ons to the WoW environment. He also adds very good descriptive snapshots of the software in action, so you see exactly what you get with the various add-ons. He walks the reader through each one, and why it’s a benefit to have in terms of gameplay. More importantly, he provides all-useful link to get the software if you’re interested enough to want it yourself.

William covers and gives topical reference to quite a bit of the aspects of WoW’s quests, but the Wealth Guide is primarily designed for the more experienced player rather than the novice.

Material covers topics from basic starting points, to auctions and how to sell correctly, to gold-making via professions and grinding. Then the guide continues into hard-to-get mounts, quests and daily quests, and finally additional tips on how to continue to work WoW for its best benefits via the mail system and through the daily quest rewards.

In short, Williams’ book is written to a specific audience of 70 level players who are looking for a specific loot or how to get enough gold for an epic mount. The guide can be very informative for other players, but some of the aspects maybe above the level of lower players unless they approach the book’s topics via a large group or raid.

As a result, Williams’ book is best value for a player’s money after they have utilized other guides at lower levels and especially if they are looking for gold-making activities since that is what their current playtime is dedicated to most of the game.

One of the Most Popular Games Ever Created: Minecraft

Minecraft is one of those games, that on first glance, looks pretty awful. Poor “block” graphics and very basic gameplay, you often wonder what it’s all about. However you look at the game, it’s popularity cannot be denied. Search for the top charts on Ios and the app store, minecraft holds top position. Top charts on the PC? Minecraft…literally wherever you look, this game is loved by millions. So as you would expect, a game with such a following, comes with add-ons, cheats, communities, forums, apparel and hosting. Check out minecraft host reviews to find out more about that specific area of the game.

So, whether you’re a hardcore gamer, or just someone looking to pass some time in your work-break (or maybe even during work), this is a must for all. Although saying that, I personally avoid games this popular, for the fear of never putting it down and abusing my career. In fact, if I had minecraft installed right now, I wouldn’t have had time to write this short synopsis. Anyway, try it out- let me know how you get on!

The Various Internet Marketing Platforms Available in 2015

Internet marketing has come a long way since the early days of Alta vista and even Yahoo. If you’re into IM, you’d already know that Google is the biggest search engine in the world, and it’s not going away any time soon! There are however, many other platforms that you can use to market your busines; not just search engine marketing or “SEO”. Some of the most popular internet marketing business platforms include social media such as the obvious ones like Facebook and Instagram, and some later, lesser known platforms such as periscope. Do you have any effective internet marketing platforms to suggest? Feel free to leave a comment below.